Minimalism for beginners | How to start your minimalism journey

This is to answer a minimalism for beginners question from Sarah who’s a subscriber.

She wants advice and tips on how to start on her minimalism journey and get more organized in the process.

I get this and similar questions a lot so I thought I’d address it and give you my two cents in this video. 

Points brought up in this video:
Start the process small

Move on to a bigger projects

Get in the momentum of removing what you no longer need in your home space by space.

Take ”before” photos with your phone for reference so you can compare the results.

Are you sentimental about your belongings?

Afraid that you’ll one day need it?

Inherited a bunch of stuff you don’t want?

Afraid that you will one day need something that you’re considering getting rid of?

Minimalism in on other parts of your life too thanks just physical belongings like tasks and people

I hope that you’ll gain some ideas and that the video is thought provoking.

Some people become minimalists almost over night by selling most of their belongings in one fell swoop.

For most people it’s more of a longer journey. It can take time and wherever you are on yours, if that’s why you’re watching this, I hope you’ll gained a tip or two.

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