Dream Room – Have you ever found a room design that made you feel at home? Rooms are one of the rooms that are usually used by people to rest. on this occasion we will share with you tips to make the room more comfortable to live in although with a minimalist size. Ok, just go straight to the discussion.

  • Selection of mattresses.

Mattresses or beds are objects that must be in a room. A comfortable bed will create a special interest in your room. The bed will make your room a dream room provided that you have a comfortable bed. No need to use a large mattress, which needs to be considered is the mattress material itself. Soft material will add comfort to you.

  • window usage.

The windowless dream room is not the dream room of its name. Windows are one of the light sources during the day. Intake of sunlight is important for your room so that your room looks brighter. In addition, air circulation in the morning is good for health in your room. Morning air circulation will add freshness to your room. In addition, the window serves to reduce the air temperature when you feel hot. The placement of windows in your room should be placed in the right position, whether it is in the direction of the sunrise or sunset.