Kitchen Design – Hello readers, in this post the admin will share with you about the design of the kitchen. It is undeniable because the design of the kitchen is definitely needed by everyone because the kitchen will definitely be in every house that is released in large or small sizes. Here we show for the kitchen design.

Minimalist with a small place.
This kitchen design is recommended for those of you who will build a house because in addition to minimalism, this design also has facilities needed by the kitchen. This kitchen design has a U shape with existing kitchen furniture in general. The stove can be placed close to the window. Function so that when cooking, the steam produced can blow out and not make your kitchen hot.

Next is the refrigerator, the refrigerator can be placed on the right near the cutting point or the like because it allows you to move broadly and not block your activities. Then the cupboard, we recommend using the furniture cabinet as shown. Why? Because the cabinets placed above will not greatly reduce the size of your kitchen, especially if your kitchen is small then this placement will be better. Then the sink, right to wash the dishes can be placed near the stove to the left. We recommend this according to the design that we provide to you.

Then don’t forget, besides you pay attention to your kitchen furniture, you also have to pay attention to from the floor to the walls of your kitchen design because this will affect the appearance of your kitchen. If you use ceramics in your kitchen, try to use ceramic with a non-slippery base texture. This is recommended to maintain the security of your family. Then next is the wall, use brightly colored paint to add to the light that your kitchen has.