Beautiful home page –Park in a house, what happens if a minimalist house does not have a garden? which definitely looks arid and dry. Now that’s why minimalist homes should as much as possible have a garden even though it’s small.

The front garden of this house serves as a green area that provides a beautiful and cool atmosphere as a place to play for your sons and daughters. Besides the front garden of the house also functions to beautify your minimalist home.

Home page is a complementary look in your home. this time we will share with you about the beautiful home page design. Beautiful house designs are usually desired by everyone. The coolness of the house, will increase the comfort of the homeowner. Here are tips on creating a beautiful home page design.

  • Garden

Making a garden on your home page will add to the beauty of your home. The park will give its own characteristics to your home. The park that was built did not have to be big, it was quite 3×3 meters, the most important thing was to add to the beauty of your home.

  • Flower

Flowers will add to the attractiveness of your garden design. Add attractive and colorful flowers to your garden. Setting the distance of ornamental flowers is adjusted accordingly, the distance of plants that are too close together gives a narrow and cramped effect. In order to look neat and beautiful, use the pattern method such as straight, circular, curved, love forms and so on.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight needs to be considered because the park needs sufficient sunlight to create a beautiful home page.

That’s a little tips so that the beautiful home page that you want can be created even though with a minimalist size.