Today’s home design – Home is the main place for everyone. A house or a good place to stay is definitely wanted by everyone, in this article we will share with the reader about the design of the house today. Okay, just go straight to the discussion.

  • Design a house with windows

House design certainly has a window to beautify the design for your home. Use the window according to the model you are using. Calculate the size, shape and distance between the windows of one another. Today’s home designs usually use various kinds of windows, from boxes to triangles to beautify the house.

  • Door design.

For now, there are many models of doors that depend on the size of the house you are making. Today’s home design usually uses doors with various designs.Especially for now there are a lot of craftsmen who provide door making services according to the model you want. You can use doors made of glass, wood or other materials depending on the design made by the architect.