Minimalist House Plan Design – in this post we will share with you the design of a minimalist house plan that suits you. The plan is the first thing you will consider for the future of your home in the future. In addition to relating to the comfort and arrangement of the house, the floor plan will also be used as a reference for building your house in the future. Ok just go to the discussion, below is an example of a house plan that we recommend for you.

This floor plan with 1 floor has 1 garage, 1 living room, 1 family room, 2 rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet. Effective and unique spatial planning in accordance with the concepts we recommend. Although minimalist, but with a good arrangement will make your home a good one.

You can add another room to a plan that we recommend such as a toilet, room or something else. The concept of the plan that we recommend can then be used as a reference or can be used as the main concept in the house that you will build.

You can create a modern but minimalist house with the concept that we provide, after this there are still many other rooms reverence that can be used by you as a reference for your home.