Ideal garden – the size of the garden to make it look ideal requires good calculation. Because the spot for the ideal garden each house has its own size. Therefore, in this post we will share with you how to build an ideal garden that is certainly interesting and pleasing to the eye. Immediately go to the discussion, please refer to the article below.

  • Size.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of your garden. The size of the garden determines what designs will be in your garden.

  • Material.

Play with a combination of materials that work on garden designs. Your garden will be more attractive if added with enough matterial such as: stone, gravel or wood to add to your garden ideally.

  • vase and flower.

Adding flowers to your garden can use a pot or without a pot even though it is directly planted on the ground. Choose flowers that you think are interesting or according to your favorite colors such as: rose flowers if you like red, or tulips if you like white and others.

  • Pergola

Pergola is a structure that brings a lot of charm and decorative value to your dream garden.