Minimalist bathroom design – In this post the admin will share with the reader the design of a minimalist bathroom with interior that can be placed in the bathroom.

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With this design, it will make your bathroom look better. Ok, just go straight to the discussion.

  • Ceramic design on the wall

Walls in the bathroom are things that are less noticed, even though the wall design will make your bathroom look more beautiful. The use of ceramics on the bathroom wall as shown in the picture adds to the uniqueness of your bathroom. With the design that we made, hopefully it will become a reference for your bathroom design. We recommend that you use simple ceramics with the addition of a little patterned ceramic. Besides that, don’t use only one model of ceramic. It would be great if you combine plain ceramic with patterned and a little extra separator as shown.

  • Interior layout used

The interior layout is the core of the bathroom, because when your bathroom is small it is difficult to determine the layout of the bathroom interior you need. Interior layout such as sitting closet, shower, sink, glass and other interior that you need if the layout is not appropriate then it will make your bathroom look bad and its use will not make you comfortable.

  • Lighting layout

Lighting like lights also determines the beauty of your bathroom, often the design of your bathroom is good but with the placement of lights that are not right makes your bathroom look dull. We recommend white LED lights for bathroom design as shown. White will give maximum brightness to your bathroom.

  • Use of ceramics on the floor

The ceramics that we recommend are not more designed, but more to the security of users. We care for you for your safety, often the use of ceramics in the bathroom makes it a disaster. The use of slippery ceramics is clearly not recommended for bathrooms, because the bathroom is synonymous with water. When your bathroom uses slippery ceramics, it is possible that you will experience something undesirable. We recommend that you use ceramic with a rough and arising base. This type of ceramic provides safety because the rough texture of the base when exposed to water will not cause slippery on the floor.